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Doors and windows

Hinged doors and windows

Our integrated aluminium hinged door, window and French door systems - merging advanced function and elegant looks - deliver high thermal insulation, excellent sound insulation, remarkable watertightness and the power to withstand even the harshest elements. They have multiple strengths: long service life, energy savings, high level of protection against break-ins, perfect opening and closing mechanisms, and can be supplied ready for connection to alarm and building automation systems.

Sliding doors and windows

Our aluminium sliding doors and windows offer protection against break-ins with their solid construction, significant energy savings courtesy of their perfect insulation, as well as watertightness and impressive weather resistance by virtue of the high-quality materials and design principles used. They have been conceived as an integrated system of solutions, designed to fit in with all manner of architectural styles given the aesthetic versatility of their intelligently pared-back design.

Minimal-style sliding solutions

Our sliding doors and windows also come in a minimal version, which takes a more bare-bones approach to the structural elements, in homage to our less-is-more design philosophy. All of this comes with the added bonus of strength, security and longevity.