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schermature solari


Sunshade louvres

The idea behind the design and manufacture of our aluminium louvres is to offer much more than just protection from the sun. Our solutions are informed by the desire to produce something that integrates perfectly with the building, enhancing it and becoming one of its distinctive features. Our louvres - which come in an extensive range of finishes and can also be operated by building automation systems - are designed to control light in interiors, from full daylight to shading and darkness. The blades can be exploited to accommodate photovoltaic modules to produce cheap, clean energy.

External window coverings

Performance and design: our versatile and weather-resistant external window coverings can essentially be summed up in these two words. They come in an endless array of different options, while we also offer custom-made solutions. There is a wide range of fabrics to choose from, catering to your every specific requirement and aesthetic preference.

Venetian blinds

Our Venetian blinds are built tough for long life, featuring a self-supporting structure and bend-proof slats. The look is all about linear purity, enhanced with quality finishes, allowing them to add next-level visual appeal to any type of building: commercial, office or residential.

Tende veneziane integrate in vetrocamera

Realizziamo tende veneziane integrate in vetrocamera, con meccanismo di movimentazione manuale o elettrica che non altera la funzione isolante dei vetri. Proprio perché inserite in un involucro, sono protette dalla polvere e dagli agenti atmosferici: non necessitano quindi di pulizia e manutenzione frequente. Le realizziamo in vari modelli, adatti a diversi tipi di serramenti.