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Glass structures

Glass balustrades

Our glass balustrades combine a contemporary minimal look with safety and the promise of a product that will keep looking great. There is an extensive range of solutions designed to accommodate the different features and architectural elements unique to each project, including balconies, terraces, staircases and walkways.

Point-supported curtain walls

Point-supported curtain walls, for use on buildings that want to make a statement with transparency, give free rein to expressiveness from an architectural point of view. The sheets of glass are fastened to the load-bearing structure by means of metal point fittings, which may or may not be bolted on through drilled holes depending on the case.

Glass roofing

Our glass roofing is made employing the same design principles and technologies used for our curtain walling, starting with the self-supporting structures. We turn roof designs of all shapes and sizes into finished projects.