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facciate ventilate

Rainscreen cladding

Rainscreen cladding protects buildings from the elements and improves thermal and sound insulation. Featuring an aluminium framework, it comprises an insulating layer attached to the backing wall and an external face. These two layers are suitably spaced to leave a cavity for natural ventilation, which is closed at the bottom by a screen that allows air in while preventing anything from entering by accident, and at the top by a trim to protect against the ingress of rainwater. The cavity encourages water vapour from inside the building to escape, stopping condensation from forming and damage resulting from stagnant moisture. Insulation and the flow of fresh air help keep heating energy consumption down, resulting in reduced costs and less emissions into the atmosphere.
To produce our rainscreen cladding, we use materials that combine good looks and performance, including porcelain stone, spandrel glass, composite aluminium and extruded aluminium slats.